Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weekend Reading

assembled late at night

When this post gets published, I will be high above the country, hopefully sleeping. Scheduled posts can be a great thing! I'm looking forward to spending some time on the east coast, and I'm happy my trip coincides with this heat wave we have going on over here. Seriously, 90+ degrees in October is too much. Mr Official Taster and the puppies are welcome to it.

In blog life, this week I brought you vegan, maple-sweetened Pumpkin Cornbread and linked you over to some picture-perfect homemade vanilla extract labels (and recipe).

Also, YES, I am a total tease with the Instagram this week. #sorrynotsorry

Anyway, I'm not planning on abandoning you fine folks even though I'm on vacation, so check back next week. All the teasing will be over :)

starting my morning right

Onto links!

After lots of work, the movement against female genital mutilation is getting the spotlight in the U.K.

Apparently, stress can literally break your heart. (not a sad ending)

Be excited - Book It! is here for adults.

Overnight steel cut oats in jars.

Interesting idea- using anthropologists may be a great way to help combat Ebola.

Latke waffles. YES PLEASE

In case you hadn't heard the Very Exciting News, Netflix is now streaming Gilmore Girls in its entirety. There seems to be a bit of an obsession.

Even when it's legal, abortions can be lethal if there aren't enough medical professionals to serve the community.

Oh, University of Michigan, this is just embarrassing. Did you not think before you wrote?

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