Friday, October 10, 2014

Thankful Cards - free printable

Are you a person or a family that has their act together enough to have thankful cards each November? It sounds like a good idea, but I usually remember it about halfway through the month, at which point it seems silly, or, more likely, I have 50,000 other things to worry about, what with Thanksgiving being right around the corner. I sound like a terribly ungrateful person in that very long sentence. But I'm not!

I do like the idea - to make Thanksgiving more than a day. To make it into a month-long thought on gratitude seems healthy. and grateful. 

So maybe this year we'll all try? Perhaps these cute tags will inspire you? Emily (their creator) has each member of her family fill one out each day (no duplicates!), and then they hang them on a "thankful tree" (i.e. branches in a vase). I think kid answers would be sometimes hilarious, and that adult answers would be sometimes caffeine related. 

What do you think? Have you tried to write down something to be grateful for each day in November? How does your family do it? Display on a tree? Put them all in a jar to read at once? Tell us!

Over on the Facebooks, I'm curious about slow cookers. Do you have one? Do you hate it? Do you use it every day? or does it take up valuable kitchen space and collect dust? I'm on the fence about getting one. Is it worth it if I don't cook meat?

p.s today I'm thankful for paid vacation time!

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