Friday, September 26, 2014

Food Allergy Labels for Your Next Party - free printable

Happy Friday!!

Today's free printable might help you next time you throw a party. It seems as though there are always a variety of food allergies/preferences/intolerances/pickiness/trends/whathaveyou to navigate when you feed people these days. Obviously, I have some sympathy for these people (but, come on, can you really only eat blueberries picked by fairies in the moonlight and washed with the tears of babies?). These signs should make everyone more comfortable

Holiday events, parties, and even weddings are obviously great times to use these, but they are neutral in theme, so I suggest you print a set (or two?) and laminate them for reuse. As someone who has dealt with my own and my family's allergies forever, it can sometimes be awkward to find out what exactly the food on the table is. As a host, I want my guests to feel comfortable in my home, and a large part of that feeling (at least for me) is knowing what is safe to eat. These labels are a fabulous solution. 

You can also go the slightly less classy route of writing on butcher paper. But these charmers are prettier!

I hope your week has gone well! Did you get a chance to try my pb&j suggestion? Any new favorite combinations? 

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