Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend Reading

dehydrating organic, farm fresh strawberries makes me happy

Happy weekend! You know what that means...time enough for jam projects, Netflix, and (hopefully) naps. What are you up to?


Buzzfeed is watching. How much data do you really want to give them?

Really, really, really pretty pictures.

Verizon doing good with their new ad that encourages people to think before they simply tell a girl she's pretty.

tomato, tomahto

How to make sprouted grains.

Mark Bittman wants us to rethink the word "foodie."

Look! Really pretty beet hummus.

Low sugar apricot jam.

Have you heard of Kiva and not joined because, well, life? Well, right now if you join through this link, you can lend $25 for free. And if you do so, I also get to loan $25 for free. That's like winning to the fourth degree. It's fun (at least I think so) and gives me the warm fuzzies.

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