Monday, June 30, 2014

Mark your calendar - vote on November 4, 2014

Supreme Court Building

In a stunningly horrible decision made by five mostly white men today, Hobby Lobby and 90% of American businesses can deny contraceptive coverage to their female employees. Yes, the Supreme Court of the United States of America voted against science. The science that says that contraceptives don't cause abortions (yes, even the morning after pill). Shame.

Today's ruling effectively says that women aren't people, but corporations are. No, it's not up to a woman and her doctor to make a healthcare decision. It is up to five old men on the Supreme Court, not one of whom has ever had to worry about their physical, mental, or financial capacity to unintentionally become a parent. Shame.

Furthermore, Hobby Lobby covers vasectomies (and Viagra, obviously) under their insurance plan. Excuse me while I wonder why vasectomies are not considered contraception. Shame.

I see this decision as opening the door to businesses run by Jehovah's Witnesses denying their employees blood transfusions, by Christian Scientists denying vaccinations (or what about denying healthcare coverage at all? some of them don't go to the doctor), or Scientologists denying mental healthcare coverage. Alito said that today's decision only applies to contraception, but saying so isn't the same as making it so. Shame.

And in yet another slap in our faces, Hobby Lobby, a company supposedly so ruled by "Christian" values that they fought about contraception all the way to the Supreme Court, invests in the manufacturers of both contraceptives and drugs that induce miscarriages/abortions. But it's not all about profits, right?


1059 20120313 Congress vs Planned Parenthood

Shame on the Supreme Court. We can't vote them out of chambers, but we can vote on the local, state, and federal representatives and senators who do get to vote them in. So, ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars and choose to vote on November 4, 2014. Vote to keep America from embarrassing itself again. Vote to keep science and faith and church and state separated as they should be. Vote to make your wife, your sister, your mother a person.

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  1. doesn't seem to matter who we vote for....

    1. I think it does. I can easily imagine scenarios (shudder) if the other team had won more control.


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