Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend Reading

One week till vacation

Happy weekend, friends! This is the first weekend in a while that Mr Official Taster and I have no guests to entertain and only the loosest of plans. It's gonna be good. I realized this week that I haven't had a vacation since September, and that that is too long. Besides sleepy, I get what I like to call "sassy." I'm gonna go ahead and call it charming (in small doses). The good news is that in a week the view over my feet will be of surf and sand. I. am. stoked.

What are you up to? Any fun plans?

End of market bounty

Onto links!

Maya Angelou passing was noted by the The New York Times, TIME, and in photos by Essence.

On misogyny, entitlement, and nerds.

Unless you have celiac disease, your gluten intolerance is probably in your head.

KQED says that the Bay Area's housing issue can't (all) be blamed on the tech industry.

Why it's a good thing that women say "I don't know." This: "I’m no expert, but I’d call a willingness to mute herself when she doesn’t know what she’s talking about — and the corresponding eagerness to hear from those who do — a desirable trait in a leader."

The scienc-y secrets to baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

The Kitchn's tips to help you throw a less stressful party.

In preparation for the summer, 20 crops that keep and how to store them

Reading Rainbow is coming back! I'm not the only fan

I definitely got sucked down the Upworthy rabbit hole this week (and I'm glad I did). Here are some winners:
- on mass murder and masculinity by the very smart Laci Green
- related: on how being told "being a man" is damaging our boys
- the wonderful Patrick Stewart on violence against women and PTSD
- 50+ reasons to be a feminist (I might be a little in love with Laci Green at this point)

A beautifully written post about the armor we women start growing as young girls.

Update 6/1/14: I heard this on the way home from work and just had to include it. There are several interesting interviews, including one with the author of the article linked to above on misogyny, entitlement, and nerds. 

American Ballet Theater's Misty Copeland on body issues.

This week, I posted recipes for Whole Wheat Maple Oatmeal Bread and Small Batch Strawberry Jam. Making a large batch? Tips for efficiently prepping them.

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