Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekend Reading

Too adorable

Happy weekend, all! It's beautiful here, and on Friday I was able to sleep in and treat myself to raspberry pancakes. Oh, and I fed my cute jar addiction. I mean, really, could you have resisted those adorbables above? They were even half off. I swooned. It was a pretty darn good way to start my weekend.

What's new with you? Read anything good lately? I did, and, uh, it's kind of a long list this time. Maybe you'd better get that second cuppa? Here's what I've found (or curated) for you:

First of all, you know it's Mother's Day weekend, yes? No? Well, here's a last-minute friendly printable card. I also recommend a Kindle, or maybe some strawberry muffins. There, that gives you some high/low options. You are welcome. Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to my favorite mom :)

Tis the season - beautiful Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Bars from the inimitable Smitten Kitchen. They are made right in the pan, and she has suggestions for vegan & gluten free versions

Oh. Man. Where has this been all my life? Another great Call Me Maybe

Will you make me some Hibiscus Concentrate? It sounds amazing for iced tea

An honest look at what would happen if everyone in the world stopped eating meat. Obviously impossible, but thought-provoking nonetheless

I first saw the photo on Instagram and decided to investigate further. It's crazy but true: a National Geographic photographer was arrested for taking photos, in America, of a factory farm. In this article, he wonders if it was worth it.

What ridiculous food day is your birthday? Mine is National Cheese Lover's Day. Mr Official Taster's is National Gumbo Day. Ironies abound.

Lindsay from Pinch of Yum addresses the age-old question that plagues every writer - what to write about

On why it matters that women do most of the housework.

“Women don’t want to talk about energy policy, they want to hear about impact on gas prices. They don’t want to talk about Obamacare, talk to them about getting to see their doctor.” It’s a wonder they have a woman problem, right?

No matter what you think about the issue, here's one brave woman's list of the five most surprising things about her abortion.

10 simple words every girl should learn.

Sadly unsurprising. A video asking "what is gluten?" of people who don't eat it.

Pizza makings - how some Italians are using food to fight back against the mafia 

A smart look at the gentrification of Oakland

Of course, what list is complete without a Buzzfeed quiz? This one's about your bucket list

square Banana Bread Granola

These next few are articles I saved a ways back and then forgot about, so apologies if they seem somewhat dated. Or, "dated" in this fast paced world of ours

There's a proposal to ban all fishing in international waters for a few years in order to ensure species' continued survival

Thinking of starting an urban garden? Be sure to test your soil and investigate your land's history, since there's a lot of chemicals lurking

Do you live in the San Francisco area? Are you a ballet lover between the ages of 21 and 39? Then San Francisco Ballet wants to give you access to inexpensive tickets to great programs. Just sign up

From the New York Times, fake meat that finally tastes like chicken.

For more interesting links, check out all weekend reads here

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