Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekend Reading

Spring green

Happy weekend! It's raining here, which is super duper exciting and wonderful. It's not enough, but it's more water than we had yesterday. I feel lucky I got to enjoy it on my day off. I even braved the farmers' market. 

Speaking of water, we haven't had any water related crisis this week, which is also wonderful. What's new with you?

This feels like an eye roll

Onto links - please comment with any good reads or recipes you've found recently!

Last time it was bourbon and Girl Scout cookies, this week it's craft beer pairings

Small batch Strawberry Kiwi Jam

The editors at The American Scholar magazine have decided on the best sentences in fiction and nonfiction

Another win for evolution (sad that we need one) and another strike against big corn- pesky worms have evolved to eat bioengineered corn.

An absorbing article about a father reaching his autistic son through Disney from the New York Times Magazine.   

A funny infographic to solve debilitating grocery store decision-making.  

And speaking of pancakes, can someone make me these Espresso Banana Pancakes? pretty please?

For more interesting links, check out all weekend reads here

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