Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Reading

Cherry blossoms in the rain

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a good week. Friday night I really wanted to make cookies, but I chose the (somewhat) healthier approach and tried a new banana bread recipe instead. I should have stuck with a known winner, because, guys, this is perhaps the flattest banana bread in the history of banana bread. It didn't rise hardly at all, and as a result it's intensely dense. It is a good vehicle for peanut butter, but then most things are. So that was a bummer. But in other (happier) news, I gave in to Olympic fever and bought an indoor antenna (we don't have cable). We got this one, and it seems to work really well. I'm excited to park myself in front of the tv and immerse myself in sporting greatness. What are you up to?

Onto the links!

I found this a while ago, forgot about it, and found it again. The numbers may be slightly outdated, but the gist is the same - homemade wins

CVS is awesome! They've decided to give up $2 billion (yes, billion with a b) in annual revenue and stop selling tobacco products this year. They just won my business.

mmmm...Vegetarian Steamed Buns from The Kitchn

Even if you're not living in California, water is a precious resource. Here are almost 200 ways to save.

From NPR, a story about how American farmers and food companies go GMO-free.

Farmers in the midwest are increasingly trying out other fruit and vegetable crops besides corn. Why? Well, money talks, but supportive programs and education and the local food movement are all part of the mix.

Pesto pasta with lemon, spinach, edamame, and toasted almonds sounds like a cure for the winter blues.

Need a fun project? How about some homemade cereal tea?

Speaking of projects, it's great when practical ideas work in the real world, especially when they save babies' lives.

Make your own vegan caramel sauce with almondmilk.

How treating workers better equals better profits. More money for employees, more money for the bottom line. Sounds like a win-win.

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