Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Reading

Birthday flowers

Happy Sunday, all! This week started with my birthday and is ending tonight with an-unrelated-to-my-birthday pizza party. I know, that makes it sound like a bunch of twelve-year-olds, quarters, and prize tickets, but I can't figure out any other way to say it. It sounds silly to say we're going out to dinner, when, really, we're getting pizza and beer with eleven or twelve closer-to-thirty-than-twelve-year-olds.

Below I've got my usual round up of interesting (to me, anyway) links. Anything you'd like to add? Any pizza or slumber party plans in your future?

Homemade dulce de leche. Need I say more? I received a jar of some made with buffalo milk that I have yet to crack open, mostly because I have issues with wanting to save special things until I figure out the "perfect" use or time, but I've been thinking hard about starting with putting it on a spoon. 

My mom always kept our house less warm than I wanted in the winter, though my friend's decision to keep her home a bracing 55F makes mom's 67F sound tropical. Turns out, being less warm than we'd like is good for our figure.

Earlier this week, I showed you how I painted a door mat for a custom look.

Do you make your own salads at a price per pound salad bar? Someone took the time to figure out what ingredients to choose to keep it light and less expensive, but still filling.

If you gave up booze for January, you'll be glad to know it really does have health benefits.

Again and again, Americans get all freaked out about reversing gender roles. Can we please give Wendy Davis a break? She should be celebrated as a role model, not vilified for going to college/earning money/being a single mom, sometimes/working toward her goals. 

How to make salt preserved lemons. Sounds great, I just need to figure out how to use them. Any suggestions?

Are you on Pinterest? I'd like to suggest you check out two of my boards - Valentine Fun because that's right around the corner, and with silverbells and cockleshells and marigolds all in a row if you need some daydream material

What a great idea for a program- using sport hunters' spoils to supplement local food banks, etc.

An app to to help you design your home. iPad only, but you can virtually decorate and redecorate to your heart's content.

Do you still drink soda? You may want to read about it being a possible carcinogen.

This scallion pancake challah sounds divine.

Another article about the dangers of sitting around at home. This time, it's all about the link between heart failure and sitting.

Finally, I shared this on Facebook earlier this week, but I think it's worth spreading the work. You can now use LinkedIn to post for and search for volunteer opportunities. What a great way of matching people, skills, and need.

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