Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A List

  1. It's May. How did that happen?
  2. It's my Saturday. Hallelujah! 
  3. It's been a while since I've posted. oops? I've been working hard and traveling and jury duty-ing and being tired from the aforementioned activities. 
  4. Seattle is so lush! I went to visit the other weekend, and as the plane came down through the cloud cover and all that green appeared, I remembered. I remembered how lush and green and growing everything always is there. 
  5. I guess it's fitting then that (among other things) my lady friends and I went shopping for green dresses in the Emerald City. I think we found a winner. So thank you, Bride, for not forcing your friends into ugly dresses we will never wear again. You have our eternal gratitude. 
  6. Also, I will be happy if I never go into another David's Bridal again in my whole life. It kind of made me want to flee. Thank goodness I had cupcakes to sooth my soul later that weekend. And my girls to keep me from fleeing- they are awesome and I didn't want to leave them. 
  7. This post has seriously piqued my interest and I keep thinking about it. The next (obvious) step will be to stop thinking and start doing. 
  8. I am suffering from I-want-to-rearrange-itis. Do you ever suffer from this condition? I want to change *something* about our apartment, but as we rent, painting or some other major DIY project isn't really an option, so I'm left with rearranging furniture. However, due to the small (just over 700 sq feet) size of said apartment, there aren't as many options as I might like. sigh #firstworldproblems 
  9. Fun fact: my Pinterest board for delicious food has a lot of green and chocolate at the top right now. 
  10. Also, every time I'm scrolling through my pins and see this one, I think I should have a party just so I have an excuse to try them out. 
  11. Mother's Day is soon, people! A week-and-a-half soon. Start thinking! I have my May Favorites up- maybe you'll find some inspiration? My mom (and dad) will actually be here that weekend, so I'll get to wish her a happy one in person. And, I suspect, bake her something. I'm thinking, Mom, I promise. 
  12. At my bakery, we're thinking about gearing up for it as well. I see a lot of ganache, heart-shaped creme brulee, and brownies in my future. 
  13. I've missed you! What's new with you?

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