Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Bakery Chronicles

Actual conversation with a customer:

Kate: Hi, how can I help you?
Oblivious Lady: I'd like a large fresh fruit tart
Kate starts to box up said tart
Oblivious Lady: [proudly] I'm getting this for my vegan coworker
Kate: Oh, this isn't vegan.
Oblivious Lady: It's not?
Kate: No, there's pastry cream and chocolate under the fruit, plus the tart shell. We do have several vegan cakes
Oblivious Lady: No, this will be fine
Kate: Are you sure?
Oblivious Lady: Yes, I've seen her eating pastries before
Kate: [internal eye roll] ok, have a good day

Seriously people, it happened.


  1. Replies
    1. I know. She was *so* proud of herself and there's really only so much arguing I can do...

  2. Oh god. You should start labeling the boxes specifically for these people or at least including a note that it contains cream and milk. I am vegan and would absolutely hate it if someone lied to me about a sweet being vegan. Especially if that lie occurred on my birthday. Plus, some people have horribly severe allergies (like me) and that could be very, very dangerous. Maybe write on the bottom of the box "contains milk, eggs" and then set the treat on top. It would be a very good idea.

    1. hi Kailey. Don't worry, the ingredients were all listed, and as soon as the tart was cut, it would be obvious there was a cream layer. We take allergies seriously!


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