Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saving Summer


While the unofficial end of summer may occur this Labor Day weekend, it still tastes like summer at your local farmers' markets. This is great because it means there's still time to save some for later. This is also a great time to think of holiday gifts. I hate to say it, and I hate seeing Christmas in stores already, but raspberry jam is always welcome on dark December mornings. 

I have frozen a bunch of veggies in freezer grade ziptop bags, and I'll probably continue to do so for a couple more weeks (or until I run out of freezer space). This guide from Colorado State University has been super helpful. Pro tip: take advantage of the last 30 minutes of a market to get the best deals, especially if you want to buy lots of pounds of things. 

For you wonderful people, I've collected some of my favorite ways of saving summer's flavors. 

summer peachesNow these are great looking recipes I've found around the interwebs:

via Pastry Affair

What are your favorite ways of preserving summer fruits and veggies? Feel free to add links in the comments!

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