Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Raspberries for Dinner

Awaiting me after my morning shift at work, this actual text from Mr Official Taster:
Hi. I cut part of my thumb off with scissors at work. I'm at the er but ok


After a weekend of working and parent entertaining, and now a missing thumbprint, brownies seemed like the logical dinner choice. Raspberries are on sale around here, and we somehow ended up with 5 clamshells worth (not that I'm complaining). So I made them part of dinner. You know, for nutritional balance.

No recipe today, just some words of (nutritional) wisdom. So whether you go for chewy, fudgey, or box (this is a No Judging Zone), sprinkle some fruit, and maybe some extra chocolate chips on top, pour a tasty beverage and call it a day.

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