Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Like a Horse and Carriage

Obama's declaration today got me thinking about marriage. There's an old adage about how you can't really know a marriage or judge a marriage without being inside that marriage; every marriage is different.

I totally agree.


There are some things common to every good marriage. The obvious one is, of course, love. So it follows, who are we to judge another's love? How can we possibly be in another couple's love? There are other commonalities as well. Who vowed to hate? To deny? To judge? To persecute?

How many of you out there had Corinthians read at your wedding? Where in that passage does it say to tear down other peoples' love, hope, and faith?

I'm glad Obama came out and made his statement today, and I'm glad to see to much support for marriage equality online. I'm glad to see celebrations on tumblr and friends posting on Facebook. I'm glad not all North Carolinians agree with the vote there. I just wish it wasn't an issue at all.

I know that marriage equality is a hot button issue for many Americans, and, frankly, I don't know why. Someone else's marriage? None of my damn business, and, really none of yours. As long as you let them have one.

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