Monday, April 2, 2012

Welcome to My Kitchen

When we moved in here, I told you about unpacking and that the kitchen is itty-bitty. Well, the stars all aligned the other week for pictures - good light, time, and remembering to put the two together to good use.

It's roughly 30 square feet, and all of them are used. Whoever designed this little room, thankfully, was really smart about it, and there are lots of cabinets and generally good use of space.

One of the great features (besides having a dishwasher) is all the windows. The one over the sink is a regular window to the outside, but there are also cut outs in front of and to the left of the stove that make a huge impact. I never feel like I'm stuck in a little tiny box.

So this is my little kingdom (queendom?). I hardly ever take food photos in here, unless I'm doing some step-by-step photos, because the light isn't great. Actually, the main reason is that I hate the counters. I think they are hideous.

Finally, I have to mention my framed art. A friend gave it to me for Christmas (thanks, L!!) and I love it because it's true and because in my vows, I promised to "fill our bellies with real food." It's just perfect! Even though there's no wall space, I had to include in in the kitchen, so it lives, propped up, on the counter.

What's the smallest kitchen you've cooked in? Any tips for others dealing with small spaces?


  1. The smallest kitchen we ever had only held one person, and only if they were thin! It had two burners, no oven or microwave. There must have been a small refrigerator, but I don't remember it. It was the size of a very small boat galley perhaps. Certainly no dishwasher.

    1. I think no oven would be a deal breaker!


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