Monday, April 16, 2012


It turns out that I can't do everything.

Maybe you noticed a conspicuous absence of, well, me last week? A couple weeks ago, I started a new job, and, predictably I came down with a nasty cold. You know, that bug everyone gets two weeks into a new school year or any other new environment? Last Monday I found myself, with my mom, in the office of the doctor who treated my childhood illnesses. The office lady thought I probably needed to update my paperwork.

I flew back west on Tuesday, fell into bed, and stumbled into work the next morning. They did the right thing and sent me home early. I didn't work Wednesday, either, and since then I've been alternately working and laying on the couch bonding with the puppies and Netflix.

It turns out that when I'm working, sick, and tired, and when Mr Official Taster works an 80 hour week, no laundry gets done, no dishes get washed, barely any email gets read much less responded to, no bills get paid, and nothing yummy gets cooked. Also (obviously), no pictures got taken or blog posts written.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you lovely people know that I haven't fallen into a black hole, and, since I'm an underachiever, am going to try and get back to posting this week, though maybe not everyday.

How have you been?

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