Monday, April 30, 2012

Tin Cans as Planters & Garden Update

Left: this guy is winning so far with 3 baby tomatoes
Right: We ate salad greens I grew for dinner last night, and there's still more for tonight. win!
Happy Monday! It's an exceptionally happy one here because not only is it a beautiful day and I don't have to go in to work, but also a new cousin came into the world. Huzzah! Mom and baby are doing well, and I've even seen an adorable video in which she (the baby) yawns. Tough couple hours so far.

As you can see, our container garden, salad greens, and tomatoes are all thriving. All the sun lately has been great for them! We even are starting to get flowers on our pepper plants. You can really see a difference from three weeks ago.

These chic planters were once cans of tomatoes I used for sauce. All I did was spray paint them with some white Rustoleum (I checked when I got it for the tomato planters that it works on both metal and plastic), create some drainage holes in the bottom with a hammer and nail, add soil and seedlings, et voila! Almost-practically-free planters. I should note that this nail photo is from the first one I made. But by the second I figured out that I should make the nail holes first, then spray paint the can including the bottom to prevent rust. Pictured are nasturium and rosemary plants. As new cans become available, I'd love to have a few other herbs as well.

How was your weekend? Any exciting news or projects?


  1. Glad to see your plants are doing well!

    This weekend I finally got around to doing my first bit of gardening of the year. I spent about 3 stringing up hop vines (already about 3 feet tall) and cutting back some big bully vines that were stealing all the sun from the hops.

    I had forgotten how good it feels to get outside and work in the yard. Can't wait to see how the hops turn out this year.


    I thought of this blog when I ran across this post a couple days ago:

    1. thanks, Rob! I hadn't seen that article but it makes a lot of sense.

      I hope you continue to have good weather up yonder so that you *can* keep going out into the yard and "supervising" your hops. Are you planting anything else this year?


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