Friday, January 20, 2012

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want

Although the blogiversary passed this year without much fanfare (unlike last year), I didn't forget about it. I was homeless at the time, which sort of cut down on my ability to celebrate with a new recipe or a giveaway. However, I do want to take a short moment to thank all of you for reading and encouraging me to try new recipes. It's like experimenting in science class, except now I am allowed to eat the results.

As part of my continuing effort to make this blog better and you, dear readers, happier and more satisfied, I've put together a super short survey that I would love for you to take. It's only 10 questions! The definition of short and sweet! You can do it!

Hearing from you about what you think and what you want will help me out. merci beaucoup.

Also, since today is my birthday (weeeeeeeee!), you can consider it part of your present to me. And really, it's Friday: do you seriously want to be doing work?

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