Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do you know about Pinterest?

Have you heard of Pinterest? I'd read about it on a few blogs and had the idea of joining percolating in the back of my mind for a while, but what spurred me to act was wedding planning. It is a great way of visually keeping track of ideas and inspiration. This may sound a little redundant, but it's perfect for visual things you see online - decor, food, gift ideas, style, DIY, etc - because Pinterest allows you to organize your finds on virtual bulletin boards. You create, name, and categorize the boards however your little heart desires. In addition, you can see what other users like, too, and you can "repin" their finds to your board. You can also "follow" people to keep up-to-date on their pins. It's pretty fun.

Anyway, this little plug is to let you know you can follow me on Pinterest! (this is the same info as you may found in the Contact tab at the top) There is obviously some mouth-watering food-related boards (read: category), but I have a few others going as well. If you're not already a Pinterest member, you do need to join. You can request an invite from the home page, or you can ask me and I'll send you one.

What great stuff have you found?

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