Monday, August 29, 2011

Etsy Love - Summer, Preserved

 Organic Tomato Pepper Basil Jam via
If you haven't quite worked your way up to canning, or you had to do it when you were younger and just don't want to do it anymore, or you don't have access to great produce, Etsy can take care of it for you. I've never heard of tomato pepper basil jam, but the photo and Mirasol Farm's description make me want to try it.

Blackberry Jelly via

There are many, many sellers to choose from. I haven't tried any of these personally, but they have beautiful photos and delicious looking products. The color of this blackberry jelly from The Summer Kitchen makes my mouth water.

Georgia White Peach Jam via
Peaches from Georgia? That's like apples from Washington or lobsters from Maine. Seems like DaniJamz has the right idea. 

Strawberry Pineapple Jam via

HopesPantry claims these are a taste of heaven. Can't hurt to try! I imagine that any of these beauties would make a bagel or piece of toast much more exciting.

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