Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Flowers

...are back! I hope your weekend is going well. Do you have Super Bowl party plans? Official Taster and I are attending one and, of course, bringing a dessert. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to show you later this week.  

These pictures are actually from back in the fall. I went on a field trip to Euro American Propagators. We saw how they grow their plants from seeds and cuttings, and the end of the tour was their display garden. 

It changes twice a year, and is designed both to show current trends and to showcase their own plants, which is why those white plant tags are everywhere. 

It was a lovely mix of succulents and flowering annuals and perennials in both sun and shade.

I have seen this a couple other places before, but I really like breaking up a patio with little groundcover succulents or other plants between the stones. 

Even just having plants with different colors of green can create some visual interest.

I hope this little glimpse of sunshine helps keep you warm this weekend! Are you one of the many stuck under many feet of snow?

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