Thursday, February 17, 2011

Easy Upgrade

A couple weeks ago, I read this post over at Whisk Kid, and it made me smile. When Official Taster asked for an explanation, I complied, and his response gave me an idea for a future present. "I love ugly cookies!" Wouldn't that be great on a tshirt? Maybe with a heart between I and ugly? Boys like tshirts.

I'm somewhat of a perfectionist about the treats I mail to my Etsy customers, and when I take pictures for blog posts, I'm also picky about which cupcakes have perfectly swirled frosting or which waffles look the most waffley. So OT has learned to lurk, or, when he runs out of patience, start reaching for one so that I hand him a different one to eat instead. He's smart like that.

I guess my point is a) for most people, it doesn't matter what a cookie looks like and b) there are quick and easy ways to make imperfect cookies fancier/better looking. Another theory of mine? Frosting makes up for a lot. The more the merrier.

This week, I had extra chocolate cookies, extra sugar cookies, and extra filling. My solution? Combine them and make cute and delicious sandwiches (mini always adds to the cuteness factors). Some of the leftover chocolate cookies are kind of falling apart, but frosting acts kind of like glue, and since it looks impressive and tastes delicious, no one cares.

So if your oatmeal cookies don't turn out quite the way you wanted, add some frosting, serve, and enjoy. Powdered sugar or drizzled chocolate also works wonders.

In other news, and this is important, Facebook has changed everyone's options. again. sigh. So if you're not seeing Short & Sweets' posts in your feed anymore, scroll down to the bottom of your home page, click "Edit Options," and then choose "Show Posts From All Friends And Family" instead of just those friends you interact with most often. That way you won't miss any of my brilliant thoughts.

Finally, I wanted to link you over to Cooks Illustrated's article about dark chocolate. It's got good information and ratings for several brands of chocolate to help you make decisions when you're standing with glazed eyes in the baking aisle.


  1. I'm glad that you could relate to the post :)

    Everything here looks so tasty, and I completely agree with your thoughts about frosting!

  2. thanks!

    I think maybe I should get my own tshirt to that effect :)


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