Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fun Facts: The First Year

In honor of One Year of Kate's Short and Sweets, here are some numbers you may or may not find as interesting as I do:

26 - the number of blog followers
48 - total facebook fans
129 - number of total posts
168 - total number of comments on those posts
12 - my average number of posts/month

4144 - number of pageviews
Most of those came from the US, but Canada, the UK, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, France, India, Malaysia, and Russia are also represented.

36 - number of posts tagged "new recipes"
11 - number tagged "chocolate"
9 - number tagged "cake"
3 - total posts tagged "pie"

3 - sets of measuring spoons I have
10 - number of kitchen towels I own and use. What? You think that's a lot?
10 - cups of flour used to make challah. That is a lot.
2 - number of layers in the picake Official Taster got for his birthday, unless you count pie and cake separately and come up with 4.
1400 - miles OT and I drove on our move from sunny Southern CA to rainy Seattle

4 - days you have left (including today) to enter to win a pound of fudge


  1. Are those numbers chocolate? They look good enough to eat!

  2. They're gingerbread, actually, and they are all gone! OT knew they were good enough to eat!


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