Monday, November 29, 2010

Quilts to Inspire

Circles of Life: Hibiscus Christmas by Heidi Lund
Earlier this year, I shared a link to a collection of fabric inspired cakes. Then, in July, my mom and I went to the Longbeach International Quilt Show, and I started seeing quilts as similar inspiration for cakes. This it not to say that I am making these into cakes. I'm just saying that one could make these into cakes. If one was so inspired, talented, and abounding in time.

There were billions of quilts in Longbeach. Maybe trillions. So these photos represent just a tiny, fractional percentage of what was displayed. If they don't inspire you to make a cake, maybe you'll see some detail you can incorporate into cupcakes, or your latest sewing project. Or finger painting. (if you do any of the above, or any other crafty thing, please share pics with us!) Maybe something you see here will inspire you in your gift giving this season.

I have to apologize profusely here. again. (it seems to happen a lot). I wasn't thinking ahead enough and didn't manage to get the artist information for most of these quilts, but the ones I know are getting credit. If you know something I don't, please let me know!

This peacock quilt was incredibly impressive. You can't see it unless you blow the photo up, but this quilt has lots of 3D detail, embroidery, and fancy sewing techniques. Additionally, I have alink here for you that will connect you to a collection of peacock cakes. Yes, really. And they're quite nice.

Grid Growth by Margie Davidson
This year I saw several quilts that used sun sensitive fabric (which now comes in colors other than blue!) for nice effect. This particular quilt feels very woodsy to me.

And last, but not least, is this giant that looks like stained glass to me. Definitely one of my favorites from the show.

What inspires you? Do you seek it out or just wait for it to find you?

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