Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello

I must (again) apologize for my long absence, but I do come bearing big news. On Saturday morning, Official Taster and I will begin the three day journey to our new home. We bid adieu to San Diego and greet Seattle with open arms. Official Taster has gotten himself a new job, and, since I seem to like him, I'm going with him.

Southern California is picture perfect, and a couple times in the past week, I've asked myself if we are crazy to be leaving Paradise for Seattle, whether or not it's rainy rap is justified. Each time, thankfully, my answer is "yes." If it wasn't, we'd have problems. I'm looking forward to a fresh start, seasons, learning to ski, and living in the same place as two of my best friends.

Since it's November, America's month to express gratitude, I wanted to tell you that I'm grateful to each of you for reading all (or some) of these posts, especially when you comment. I love having mini-conversations with you.

My Etsy shop is currently on hold, but I'm hoping to have it up and running again within 2 weeks. I will be getting a few posts up in the near future, but it's really hard to do new recipes when all my cooking supplies are in boxes or on a truck. I do have a vegan banana bread recipe almost ready. I want to make a few tweaks and try again, so that's something for you to look for. As always, I'm interested in any questions, suggestions, or comments you may have.

Finally, this photo was taken four years ago from my first apartment in San Diego. Claire Bletz deserves the photo credit, along with credit for putting up with me in all of our apartments.


  1. I'm sure San Diego is sad to see you go, but those of us up here in Seattle can't wait to have you here! Safe travels this weekend!

    PS - Paul is going to be super excited about your interest in skiing. :)

  2. Yes, we ARE sad...
    I'm excited to see what Seattle has in store for Both of you, but you will seriously be missed around here.
    You know you will always have a home here in SD!!
    Love ya!! See you mañana!

  3. I thought that picture looked familiar! "There is one foot between our beds. Claire, there is nowhere near one foot of space here. Yes there is, its just one of my feet." hehe.
    I'm very excited for you and the start of a new adventure, I'm going to check flights from Boston to Seattle right now. ;-)
    Drive safe tomorrow, I'm done with work by 2:30 if you need any "company" while you drive.

  4. Yay, yay, yay. Seattle is fairly obsessed with food (good food, new food, vegetarian food, local food) and the verdant landscape is ripe for growing things, so I think you will soon find yourself at home. If there are gaps, we will fill them in with chocolate.


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