Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flower Arrangements

A friend passed along this link from Apartment Therapy, and the lovely arrangements captured my attention this rainy morning. The writer put these photos together as examples of bouquets that are "androgynous," i.e. not too girly. I think it's odd to categorize flowers as automatically feminine, and I really like a lot of these, particularly the one pictured above. What do you think? Guys, are all flower arrangements girly to you?

In other news, Official Taster and I are settling into Seattle. It's significantly rainier here than we are used to, and the cold was quite a shock to our Southern California acclimated selves. I got the kitchen unpacked and I will have a new treat up in the next couple of days (internet should be up and running tonight or tomorrow). My Etsy shop should also be up and running shortly! Just in time for you to start planning your holiday purchases...

1 comment:

  1. Good...cause I need to place my order for Sarah!! :) Glad you're getting settled. Miss you!


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