Friday, October 15, 2010

Is it cake? Is it pie?

So, Tuesday was Official Taster's birthday. I love birthdays! For some reason though, he doesn't have the same attitude about his that I do about mine. I make it a month long celebration. I don't want to vacuum? It's my birthday. I want extra dessert? Birthday. (for those of you keeping track at home, January is the magic month) So for those nearest and dearest, I always try to make at least the actual day special. Obviously, if I can overdo it in the dessert department, I'm well on my way.

So last week, OT came home from work all excited. "Did you know there's this dessert where they bake..." I knew the rest: a pie into a cake. Yes, folks, he just let on that a) he missed a blog post and b) I actually knew something trendy before he did. I had already been contemplating attempting this Cherpumple feat, but that decided me.

On Tuesday, I made a two layer pie-cake extravaganza. The bottom layer is a spice cake surrounding an apple pie, and the top layer is chocolate cake surrounding a mixed berry pie. I frosted everything with just a basic vanilla buttercream, since it seemed there were enough flavors. I didn't do the most beautiful frosting job, but we wanted to eat!

So if, after reading about and watching the video, you were curious how it turned out, here's your answer. Awesome! No, really. Awe inspiring. Rich, moist, sweet, a sometimes strange mingling of flavors. Definitely worth a try!

Such an unassuming cake from the outside!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you did it! It looks mouthwatering. When will it be July again?


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