Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Flowers

I hope you are all having a good weekend. Does it feel like fall where you are? It was pretty cold Saturday morning, but, wonder of wonders, the coastal clouds and fog dissipated before noon and we had a beautiful sunny day, complete with blue skies. (Why do we say "skies"? We only have the one) The photo above is of a succulent, but I have no idea what kind. Ideas? It is the only photo in today's Sunday Flowers that is of an actual flower, but I hope you'll forgive that and enjoy anyway.

Below is one of my Aeonium succulents that I got from Nadia. This one was a cutting and is still quite small, but they get to be several feet tall if they're happy where they are planted. I love having this one in my planter for a contrasting color.
I just couldn't resist showing you this cute little pepper! I have some larger ones, but they're not nearly as cute, so no picture of them yet. The pepper at least used to be a flower...

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