Monday, July 12, 2010

Red Wine Pasta with Broccoli

As a result of my recent reorganization, I re-found this recipe in my files. I'd made it once before, years ago, with a friend, and I remembered it being delicious. Sure enough, it was! I love when I remember correctly! Normally, when I make dishes from another recipe, I change ingredients and prep enough to consider it mine, but this time, I changed nothing (aside from pasta shape), and the directions are perfect. Gourmet magazine was always pretty great about that. So, please view the recipe here.

Once you get going, things move pretty quickly. Definitely a 30-minutes or less dish. Official Taster and I had it as our main dish, but you could also enjoy it as a side. Simply skip the cheese, and you've got a dairy free/vegan delight.

One note: Be sure to modify the recipe to minimize excess. It does not reheat well. I blame the broccoli.

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  1. MMMMM... I'm always a sucker for pasta but this looks exceptionally delicious!!


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