Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Etsy Love - Mixing Bowls

Who doesn't love a pretty bowl? They're useful for cookies, cupcakes, and, when you're feeling virtuous, fresh fruit. I have a weakness for pretty pottery, so putting this collection together let me indulge a little. This nice turquoise bowl up top is made by one of my local Etsians. Someday I'll get myself to the Vista farmers' market and introduce myself.

Next is this cute little spouted bowl, which it's creator touts as perfect for whisking eggs. It even comes with a whisk. I think it would be good for the liquid portion of cake batter before it becomes cake batter.This bowl's interior color captured my attention immediately! I love how unassuming the outside comes across but the inside just wows.This spouted bowl has a handle for extra handiness. I love the glaze layers, and, I think, for anyone worried about the weight of the bowl, the handle should help alleviate that fear.

Finally, a spring green vegetarian bowl lets everyone know where you stand. It could also be useful for serving mixed veggie/not dishes at a dinner party to allow people to tell what's what.

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