Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soliciting Thoughts on Ice Cream Makers

So lately I've really been wanting an ice cream maker because I keep seeing delicious sounding recipes that call for one. They are jumping out from pages of old Gourmet magazine issues, new cookbooks, websites, the works. I've never been a huge ice cream eater, what with it being a dairy-centric food and all, but I do really love sorbets. My reasoning that has kept me from actually buying one is that our very small kitchen is very small and there's not really any room for one.
But then my resolve was tested. I saw these popular Cuisinart ice cream makers in fantastic colors. And I really want the orange one. it's so cute!

Do you have an ice cream maker? Do you use it a lot or has it been sitting in the back of a cabinet for the last several years? General ice cream thoughts?


  1. I used our ice cream maker a few times, but honestly not often enough to justify the cost.

    Part of the problem is that ice cream is a spur of the moment kind of food. If you have to make it in advance, you don't have it when you want it. So you buy ice cream, and then you can't make ice cream until you've eaten the commercial stuff. Then you don't want ice cream, because you just had it. It's a vicious circle.

  2. They really are cute and much smaller than other ice cream makers I've seen.
    It seems to me that recipes for sorbet don't require an ice cream maker though.

  3. I already told you to get one!! We just ate delicious peach ice cream that Mark made tonight!


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