Sunday, June 6, 2010

Free Recipe Card Maker

This recipe card maker from Skip to My Lou is great! There are two different templates to choose from, and then you simply follow step-by-step instructions that have you filling in the blanks. Voila, you have a recipe card! You can choose to print out either two or three to a page, which gives you two size options. Short recipes, like for my jam, work best, I discovered, as long ones get cut off. This seems like it would be a fun tool if you want to do a recipe collection for a bride or a mom-to-be. With minimal effort, you can create a cute, cohesive, and neat recipe book.


  1. This is a nice looking recipe card for giving a homemade gift at the holidays... very nice!

  2. oh yeah, good point! This could be the perfect tag to go with homemade holiday cookies or something. That way you give the treat AND the recipe


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