Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Tour

The other weekend, there was an Artists' Studio and Garden Tour in Encinitas, CA. It was run by Off Track Gallery, and they combined some lovely gardens with art on display for sale. It's the only garden tour I've heard of around here that combines art and flowers.

One of the nicest things about the tour was that it was two days, so you could sleep in, take your time, and save half for the Sunday when you got tired.

There were nine homes, and while a couple were really boring yards, and clearly on the tour only because artists lived there, the others had some really beautiful gardens.

The last one we visited was incredible! The family who lives there has transformed their 2 acre lot over the past 15 years and filled every corner with plants. They even had a sunflower painted golf cart to get around!

There were numerous seating areas, a rose garden, orchard, vegetable garden, koi pond, aviary, and several drought tolerant areas. I imagine eating dinner out there on a warm summer evening is just about perfect.

I love the succulent chandelier they have hanging in one of their created nooks.

There's even a spot for seedlings and cuttings. I have no idea where they would even put new plants, but if I can always find room on the balcony for more, I'm sure they manage.

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