Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Morning Flowers

Good morning! I realize that posting both here and on facebook has been a bit, shall we say, sparse this week, and I do apologize. But I have to plead mitigating circumstances- my parents are visiting! It's of course lovely to see them, but they do cut down on my computer time. Which might be a good thing come to think of it...

In any case, today's arrangement is pretty tall, which I think you can tell from the picture. It's about 3 ft tall, including the vase, so it definitely grabs your attention. I don't usually like Bird of Paradise very much, but I think they work well for this, and I love the Gerberas. The yellow-green Spider Mum is a fun accent. It's always fun to see what other people in the class create with the same flowers, and this week was no exception. I think last night's arrangements were the best of the semester so far. Go team!

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