Saturday, May 22, 2010

Etsy Love - cake stands

Even before I opened my very own Etsy store, I enjoyed browsing. It's very easy to waste time hopping from store to store, adding things to my mental wishlist, and actual favorites list.

As you may have figured out (or know for sure), I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Or maybe several sweet teeth. I see nothing wrong with eating brownies for breakfast, crisp for lunch, and cupcakes for dinner. Throw some cake (recipe coming soon!) in there, and, to me, it sounds like a good day.

So it seemed only fitting to do this first post of favorite Etsy discoveries all about cake stands. It turns out there are a lot of really ugly ones out there, but these four are my favorites. What about you? Did I miss any gems?

From top to bottom, find them here:

Set of 3 eyelet cake plates with ribbons... MADE TO ORDER.

Small Ceramic Bird Cake Stand in Robin Egg Blue

Happy Yellow Cupcake Stand - small dessert display stand

Vegan cupcake stand in purple

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for featuring me cake stand on your blog, you have a nice selection there!


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