Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Morning Flowers

Good morning! This will be fairly short since I have 2 tests in a couple of hours, but I couldn't not do Friday Morning Flowers!
This week was Botanical Arrangements. The idea with this type of design is that you show the whole life cycle of the flower (usually a bulb flower like iris, daffodil, amaryllis, etc). This means you include the actual bulb in your design, as well as dead and dying flowers. You can even have petals down on the base or the table your arrangement is placed on.

Now, that's all lovely, but I didn't really want a whole lot of dead flowers in my arrangement. Partly because they are less pretty (duh), and partly so I didn't get the "why are there a lot of dead flowers in there? didn't you just make it?" from The Official Tester. I figure the daffodils that started closed will be opening and the ones that were open will start to droop and the dying ones I put in there will continue to fade.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Petals are pretty, but I'm not so sure about dead flower heads...

  2. Nice arrangement... yellow looks so bright and teases us with the promise of spring right around the corner!


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