Friday, January 8, 2010

More Results

This pic above is the result of the vegan and gluten free chocolate popcorn cranberry recipe. It tastes pretty good! Sweet cranberries contrasting with the semisweet chocolate. This time I poured it all into a 9 in pan and smooshed it around until it was evenly distributed. After it hardened, I cut it into wedges, as you can see. I think next time I will make it into small portions instead of one big chunk because it was pretty messy to cut and wanted to break apart into less than pretty shapes. I'm thinking muffin tins maybe.
These pretty vegan cookies were fun to make! I cut out the big hearts first and then cut little ones out of the middle and switched them into the other dough flavor. I added some orange zest to the light dough so the combination is chocolate orange. The chocolate cookies are REALLY chocolate since I used melted semisweet chocolate to flavor the dough, not cocoa powder. For the icing, I just piped melted chocolate onto the cookies. I also made these in star and flower shapes. I will get them onto shortly so you can see the other photos. Perfect for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day or as wedding favors :)

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