Friday, January 15, 2010

Bread smells soooo good

I love the smell of bread in the oven, don't you?

I've got first rise, second rise, and the final products pictured

Bread is definitely one of those things that sounds super intimidating to make, but actually is pretty easy. It doesn't require the precision measurement that other baked goods need and timing is pretty flexible, too. Anyway, I made these of mostly whole wheat flour and a little bit of white flour. I used brown sugar for the sweetener (you need some to make the yeast happy) and some powdered goat's milk (normal people- go for cow milk. it's waaaaay cheaper) for lightness.

Unrelated, I forgot that I made animal cookies in my last big cookie bake, so here's how they turned out. I like the giraffe :)


  1. Can you post the recipe to these lovelies?

  2. that might be a possibility this season :)


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