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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jams, and Printable Recipe Cards for Summer


We are in the thick of summer and the food bounty that goes along with that. We have been eating tons and tons of fruit, and I've also dried some and turned more into various jams. I can't keep up here with what I've been making, but I wanted to share with you a) so that I remember and b) so that perhaps you'll be inspired and go create something fabulous.

Raspberry Honey & Lemon Jam at attention

I shared my small batch strawberry jam and my strawberry margarita jam, but, for the record, I've also preserved
  • Apricot Jam
  • Apricot Sucanat Jam (no white sugar at all)
  • Strawberry Sucanat Jam (ditto)
  • Blackberry Jam (with even less sugar than last year's batch)
  • Blackberry Vanilla Jam (OMG it's AMAZEBALLS)
I find this post from Northwest Edible Life to be extremely helpful, and I keep thinking up new and delicious sounding flavors. I definitely want to do more with vanilla, and I've started a canister of vanilla sugar with the (now empty) pods.

What have you been up to?

Now, onto the printable. These lovely, summery recipe cards from Lia Griffith are perfect for sharing recipes at summer parties or with a batch of jam.

Whether you share the jam recipe, or suggest a way to use the jam (brownies, ice cream, bars, etc), these cards will make your ideas even prettier. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend Reading

strawberries and apricots

Hello and happy weekend, my friends. It's gorgeous here! This week on the blog, I shared my Strawberry Ice Cream. In real life, I've spent a good amount of time communing with fruit in one form or another. I figure July is the month for berry preserves and August is for tomatoes. What have you been up to?

good morning

Onto links! Turns out there was a lot of interesting stuff this week. Have anything to add?

This is, quite probably, the most ridiculous study I've ever heard of. 

Whether you know it or not, you can probably hear the difference between hot and cold water. Go on, test yourself!

Do you like language? Then you'll like this list of twenty-five commonly misused words. I was happy to see "irregardless" on the list as NOT A WORD. 

In another piece of the puzzle, one scientist says promoting diversity is critical to "keeping the bees"

In the preserving world, there was some excitement about a big sale on cherries yesterday. Did you get some? Here's a round up of cherry preserving ideas. So far, I've eaten a lot, and I have two trays dehydrating. I didn't want to do more until I know if I like them. 

Are you a fan of the Outlander novels? Then you may be happy to know there is a blog devoted to the food found in their pages. Outlander Kitchen has quite a collection!

More evidence that chocolate is good for you! Dark chocolate may help blood flow

A beautiful stone fruit salad that has me salivating. 

From The Washington Post, an article explaining that it's not that more kids have ADD these days, but that adults expect kids to sit still for an unnatural and unhealthy amount of time. The core-strength test results are shocking and disheartening. 

Some women focused companies have started advertising with un-touched-up photos. Here's the male equivalent

In case you need more to love about the duo, Fey and Poehler's story.

In California, a legal skirmish about a strawberry breeding program that could have far-reaching effects. 

O. M. G. These brownie ice cream sammiches from Smitten Kitchen sound divine. 

This week I've been reading a lot about infusing alcohol and making liqueurs. If you are interested, here's a good place to start, along with here and here.  

And in a shameless plug, last year I was eating Little Apricot Cakes around this time, and I really need to make some again. 

Want more great reads? Check out all weekend reading posts here.
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